Career interests: data analysis, data visualization, information security, cybersecurity, documentation, user education. I am corybantic at the prospect of working where privacy and security are mission-critical values.

For now, silly stuff about me:

  • Last music listened to: “Seabird” — Alessi.
  • Last book read: How to Talk to Anyone by Leil Lowndes.
  • Last beverage: Ginger Apple Cider Switchel
  • Last movie watched: “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” (2016) Julian Dennison, Rachel House, Sam Neill.

Seven famous people I’d invite to dinner: Neil DeGrasse Tyson (especially if he gives me one of his fountain pens), Bruce Schneier, Richard Ayoade, Elizabeth May, Dr. Jason Fung, Donna Eden, Taiki Waititi.Although the very fact you’re reading this means the following isn’t about you, you may learn why some Twitter accounts get followed back and others not.

For follow-back and engagement:
The six or seven terms with which one must not initiate one’s Twitter profile:
Vegan. [Religion.] Social media consultant. Patriot. Facebook (or FB). Marketer or Marketing.

Do show signs of engagement. This doesn’t mean using a bot. Engagement is not ‘I’ll follow you, until you follow back, and then we won’t say anything to each other and I’ll just unfollow. It won’t be because of anything you wrote though, because I have you muted.’ If you added me just for the sake of numbers and you’ve never engaged, you can’t expect me to keep following you if your content means as little to me as mine seems to matter to you. How about answering a question of mine if you’re watching for a hashtag? Engagement is not ignoring my hashtags that match your profile interest when I ask a valid question. Engagement is not recycling your tweets until you have over 50,000 of them but 7500 of them are original and from you, 42500 are what you and 18 other people have retweeted into my timeline.

Don’t just link to content you put on Facebook. I can’t follow those links. Why would you assume everybody on Twitter has a Facebook account? A missing child you say? An Amber Alert? I can’t read it if it’s Facebook only. Do you want my help finding the child or not?

Don’t be one of those conformist, reflexive twits.


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