Career interests: data analysis, data visualization, information security, cybersecurity, documentation, user education. I am corybantic at the prospect of working where privacy and security are mission-critical values.

For now, silly stuff about me:

  • Last music listened to: I Lost My Innocence – Friend’s Mix CD
  • Last book read: Undoctored by William Davis, M.D.
  • Last beverage: coffee
  • Last movie watched: “Allegro Non Troppo” (1976) a film by Bruno Bozzetto.

Seven famous people I’d invite to dinner: Neil DeGrasse Tyson (especially if he gives me one of his fountain pens), Bruce Schneier, Victoria Coren Mitchell, Elizabeth May, Dr. Jason Fung, Nina Teicholz, Stephen Mangan.

Although the very fact you’re reading this means the following isn’t about you, you may learn why some Twitter accounts get followed back and others not.

For follow-back and engagement:
The six or seven terms with which one must not initiate one’s Twitter profile:
Vegan. [Religion.] Social media consultant. Patriot. Facebook (or FB). Marketer or Marketing.

Let me know if you’re on a Mastodon instance. Mastodon is a platform with some similarities to Twitter, most instances are not commercialized, and it’s easier to make connections and have conversations about shared interests, as the character limit is more generous. My experience is that I have 10% as many followers on Mastodon than on Twitter, but the engagement is 400%. Mastodon is what I hoped Twitter would be. Yes, there are bots, but they don’t, as far as I know, spam links to pron websites. Also, I don’t see any political messages. Mastodon’s so much better!

Don’t be one of those conformist, reflexive twits.

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