Is it now harder to connect with people online?

07/06/2017 § Leave a comment

I think it is. I do better with letters and phone calls and emails because they’re direct and personal. I don’t understand people who think their connections will thrive when they’re shunted to mass audience of political and impersonal dittos and viral memes.

I don’t understand why my pattern is: “Oh I have a thought. I will share it because it’s interesting to me and may be to other people!” Share thought. No one reads, or one person unfollows and I wonder if it’s what I shared. Then I think “no, it can’t be, because I’m conscious of high sensitivity levels, and nothing I tweeted is hateful, insulting nor a breach of community guidelines.” But if I ever tested if anyone was out there, maybe foolhardily posting a threat to harm self or others, I’d get attention but the negative type that lead to three-day lockups or police records. And who would take me seriously when I had a real crisis?

I know people are out there, they have lives. How did I go from having friends I could phone and talk to friends who post 15+ times a day on their social media without reading what goes on in other people’s lives, without changing my posse? Has this happened to you? It’s one thing to not log on very often, because of real life and real people coming first, but having real life + real people, then barraging one-way only posts, and expecting to maintain friendships?

Update: It’s hard to share on a platform monetizing from one-way broadcasting accounts, and from proliferating bots. Go to Reddit, Tumblr, Diaspora, IRC, Slack or Mastodon to find real people, or better yet, Meetup.


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