Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s Nutrition Hacks

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Every unfollower I get, I post something funny or useful. It’s my way of rewarding people who stay on, the people who are of the “spell your words properly, don’t be homophobic, transphobic, racist, ageist, political extremist, vulgar, insulting. Don’t post fake news, don’t spam my timeline” quality. Unfollows happen from automated accounts who follow only to get a followback.

However, posting beyond 140 characters is frequently required to show “the good stuff.” ¬†As an example of “the good stuff” which would benefit many people willing to click and explore, here are notes from listening to Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s “Found My Fitness” appearance on Tim Ferriss’s podcast

  • nootropics: choline, effects 1-2 hours after ingestion
  • nicotinic receptors
  • Alpha-GPC 600mg day
  • CDP-choline 1000g day
  • lion’s mane mushroom extract
  • Vitamin D serotonin production 4000 IU & K2
  • Omega-3
  • Great Lakes hydrolyzed collagen supplement powder in cartilage
  • Make sure product is certified by NSF international (Nat’l Sanitary Foundation)
  • https://info.nsf.org/certified/dietary
  • USP Certified – purity of dietary supplements usp.org/verified
  • Food: polyphenols
  • green leafy vegetables, cruciferous vegetables
  • scrambled eggs, sauteed kale & garlic (avocado oil) & mustard powder, &
  • tomatillo salsa – lutein and zeaxanthin
  • stay away from PUFAs
  • pomegranate, blueberry, nuts, coconut milk, flaxseeds, cacao nibs
  • sauerkraut prebiotics fiber lactobacillus probiotics
  • sauteed spinach, bok choy, greens
  • fish oil brain health DHA 2g/day 2.5g slows telomere shortening
  • nicotinic riboside
  • strength training, yoga, ballet, go for a run for cognitive boost, aerobic exercise
  • lunges, squats, maintain muscle mass, resistance weights
  • easiest hack with biggest benefits: cut out refined sugar.
  • time-restricted 9 – 11 hours time window
  • triple your amount of vegetable intake daily
  • Vitamin D supplement
  • Avoid blue light at night
  • Alaskan (or BC!) salmon, grass-fed beef hormone-free chicken
  • paleo diet

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