Month of Letters

04/02/2016 § Leave a comment

What a beautiful occupation: being solitary yet feeling part of the world, connecting with someone far away knowing that only he or she, and maybe some of their lookiloo cohabitants, will be reading my thoughts.

I started early to some very far away people. Today I wound down and mailed only a Valentine card to Canada and two domestic postcards. I have some more far away people to write to but am metaphorically chewing my pencil wondering how to begin. How do you write to someone with an empty profile? Just ask them questions at large?

I’m also worried I made the interests in my bios too specific. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy reading, being fed and listening to music? Can you still enjoy reading if you’re presently drawn to classics and non-trendy literature? Can you still be counted as a fan of music if you listen to maybe seven to ten subgenres 80% of the time? If you have dairy, grain, sugar and alcohol sensitivities does that mean you don’t really like cooking and should take it off your list? I’m not really a fan of movies anymore though, I’ve noticed, although I look forward to the Coen brothers’ “Hail, Caesar!” when it comes out. I just wish Josh Brolin was not in the film. I don’t dig women beaters at all.


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