Yankland, what now?

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I sshure like to browsh

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Today on my Mastodon instance I learned of “Browsh“, a purely text-based browser that can run in most TTY terminal environments and in any browser. The terminal client is currently more advanced than the browser client. To access the terminal client, the command is “ssh brows.sh” (no authorization key needed) and will give you a five minute demonstration of its capabilities.  The browser client uses the browser to render HTML, CSS and JS, then displays pages as well as possible in a terminal session. When a web page loads in the browser, custom scripts are injected into the page which then connect to Browsh’s background process in the WebExtension. This background process is itself connected to the CLI client via a websocket.


Tips on Mastodon: Personal recommendations are the best way to find quality content. If you think about the ‘old web’ (pre auto-algorithm/social), that is how all content was really discovered. People linked to stuff and recommended what they liked through word-of-mouth. The problem is we removed the people from the discovery/dissemination process and have gotten lazy with asking for and sharing good sources (and not just good articles).

Gopher is making a comeback

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Before NCSA Mosaic, before Netscape Navigator, before HTTP was the de facto protocol for reaching internet content, there was the Gopher protocol, designed for searching, distributing, and retrieving files via tunnels and holes through the network.  Gopher has been described by some enthusiasts as “faster and more efficient and so much more organised” than today’s Web services. The Gopher protocol is still in use by enthusiasts, and although it has been almost entirely supplanted by the Web, a small population of actively-maintained servers remains. In fact, one of the gopher sites where I post shows new members weekly: 2% growth per week.

Floodgap Systems is instrumental in fostering the resurgence of Gopher. Its Overbite WX is a “WebExtensions-compatible” add-on for Mozilla Firefox that brings back Gopher support to Firefox Quantum by automatically connecting Gopher URLs you type and click on.

Cameron Kaiser of the Overbite Project has an essay answering the questions “Why still use Gopher? What makes Gopher relevant?

“Gopher represents the ability to bring an interconnected browsing experience to low-computing-power environments. Rather than the expense of large hosting power and bandwidth, Gopher uses an inexpensive protocol to serve and a trivial menuing format to parse, making it cost-effective for both client and server. Gopher sites can be hosted and downloaded effectively on bandwidth-constrained networks such as dialup and even low-speed wireless…”

Sometimes all an internet surfer wants is a URI without ads, JavaScript, or third-party trackers, or a streamlined content delivery experience without cluttering search engine optimization strategies, without having to change browsers to access http URLs rather than the secure HTTPS websites. I love plaintext and simplicity so Gopher seems like the way of the future for free content.  People using command-line browsers that support the Gopher protocol, like lynx, can access gopher resources without need for add-ons like Overbite WX.

“Modern Gopherspace represents the next and greatest way for alternative information access, and the new generation of Gopher maintainers demonstrate a marked grassroots desire for a purer way to get to high-quality resources. Not simply nostalgia for the “way it used to be,” modern Gopherspace is a distinctly different population than in the mid 1990s when it flourished, yet one on which modern services can still be found, from news and weather to search engines, personal pages, “phlogs” and file archives.”

Gopher links to try:


Using your browser to explore gopherspace

Tips for publishing on SDF

Good Gopher Documentation:


Yes, you can follow Twitter accounts without using the service

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You can still follow Twitter accounts’ Timelines without exposure to their tweets’ comments and without the advertised/promoted Tweets. You don’t have to sign into Twitter at all! If you’re uncomfortable with bots, trolls, disinfo agents and shitposters, you might add your favourite Twitter contributors’ feeds to your favourite Really Simple Syndication (RSS) application.

Twitter’s first REST API supported RSS until June 2013, when it was replaced by API 1.1. Twitter has no known plan to reintroduce support for RSS. Here are two options:

TwitRSS generates a URL formatted for easy RSS from the Twitter account you input. https://twitrss.me/

Here’s a different option for creating a Twitter RSS feed:

According to the Twitter developer’s blog, the company will remove access to the “streaming services” portion of its API starting in August 2018. What that essentially means is that any app that features a Twitter feed as part of its primary function will be worthless. Twitrss.me doesn’t use the Twitter API, according to its developer it originated as a screen-scraping script.

No, we can’t

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Can you persuade me by emotional appeals, stunts and yelling to adapt my way of eating to yours?

Can you convince me that one man will single-handedly condition people to take their voting rights seriously and to deprogram them from the pure propaganda they’ve chosen to feed themselves for over a decade?

Can you convince me that Americans can have the same heart-healthy diet the Mediterraneans do, when they grow different types of grains, put growth hormones in their livestock, denature their grains through processing, don’t have the same quality of olive oil such as that Italy produces, allow food contaminants and additives that are banned in the Mediterranean countries?

Can I persuade people addicted to Facebook to get off it for their own sake?

Can you show me the difference between a Twitter Russian bot and a deluded Twitter user?

Can you convince me that there is an upper limit absolute number in grams per kilogram of human body weight for daily intake of protein? Can you convince me that people who claim adolescent males take in too much protein know what that upper limit is?

Can you convince me the US corporate-controlled media is “liberal”? You’d have to show me who owns each network, who funds each newspaper consortium. If “liberal” means corporation-lover does that make Mitt Romney and Rupert Murdoch liberals?

Can you convince me that everything that is happening in the US would happen or would be worse if the Electoral College were abolished before the 2016 election?

Can you convince me that Tim Kaine would be a worse US VP than Mike Pence?

Can you convince me that electronic voting machines are reliable and hackproof?

Can you convince me that the phrase ‘you are loved’ overcomes any loneliness, isolation or disconnection one may feel?

Can you convince me ICE would detain legal residents on basis of juvenile crimes more than thirty years after they’ve been committed if someone else had been elected US President?

Can you convince me Hillary Clinton would nominate SCOTUS justices who would repeal Roe vs. Wade if she were president?

Can I convince you that the phrase ‘you are loved’ applied to an anonymous person overcomes any loneliness, isolation or disconnection she may feel?

Can you convince me that whatever happened to the US over the last ten years isn’t starting in Canada or elsewhere?

Can you convince me a genuine medium who can communicate with the dead has answers to unsolved murders?

Judging from the lack of comments, I believe you can’t, and don’t even want to try.

The Next Time a Revenue Canada or IRS Scammer Calls…

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…try this! Try to get it recorded, then send me a link to the video or audio file!
Copypasta from a comment to a YouTube video in which a licensed attorney has fun with a Bangladeshi scammer:

“I’ve had real fun with these bastards twice now. I wish I had recorded mine… I told the first one that I was an officer that worked for the local IRS office, googled the info to my local one, gave names of those listed in the phone directory and said I needed off my cell and asked for his inter office transfer number so I could call him inter office, he said he was a field office, I said fine our lines connect to every office in the U.S. I stated asking questions to confirm identity, gave a fake badge number, asked for his and his supervisor’s name and phone number, then he started cussing me, that’s when the redneck in me came out to play. We have so many more colorful things to call them.

“My second call came to my home number, listed different from my cell, and it was the same people about 3 weeks later. Well this time I was a disturbed prepper who hates the law and was prepared to go to war, I was arming all the booby traps, seeing up the kill zones and calling for my family to take up their positions, the man was finally coming and it was time to go to war. I was saying to shoot at and dust kicked up by any cars driving down our dirt road, I said that’s not a school bus, they are trying to trick us and to open fire, so a little back story here about this day, I was at private land for some target practice with a couple of people who played along with me, and we started shooting about that time, this guy lost his shit, stated screaming in the phone that’s not him that’s real children, no one’s coming, he was cancelling the warrant, don’t shoot any more, about that time, I shot an exploding target which is really loud and claimed we blew up his bus and everyone on it, he’s now screaming into the phone to stop, someone else gets on and is screaming to not shoot at anyone else, then I wave everyone down to stop shooting. I said we got them all, who’s next? The man was shaken up and said it’s not worth going to jail over this, I said they’re all dead, why did they send all these kids to arrest me?

The guy goes into derka talk to someone, and when he came back, I told him we are gonna be waiting for all the rest of his officers and they would all die no matter what their age, he said he was gonna call my local police. I said that I thought he said he was a treasury agent, why isn’t he coming to get me, I would only go quietly with his cause I liked him, to tell me when he was coming down the road and we wouldn’t shoot, then asked if that dust was him, he said no, so we started shooting again, after a mag dump each and saying that one was finished for sure and was on fire, again said I would only let him come get me because he had been so nice to me. I asked why he sends agents so young, he said he didn’t, they weren’t coming, that the local police would be there soon… I yelled out to everyone that the local fix was coming and we knew what road officer Andy Taylor would come down, get ready for him. I yelled to a buddy for a count of the dead so far, he yells back 41 on the bus, and he thought there were four in the car on fire. After that, we all got closer to my phone and all started laughing listening to him trying to speak and his English got horrible, then told him that if he could lie to me about who he was and what he was doing, I didn’t feel bad about doing that right back to him, we know that he’s a scammer and that he’s full of shit, then at least two of them attempted to cuss us, but didn’t do a very good job. They finally hung up, funny thing is they called back like three times but just cussed on the phone and hung up. Moral to this story just have the most absurd fun with them as possible, because the IRS will never call you, period.”

A poem for the socmed people

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roses are red
violets are blue
in surveillance capitalism
poem reads you

and shows you ads
for flower shops
and tracks your clicks
and never stops

it cares not about
if privacy’s harmed
the money is green
when people are farmed

twitter is cyan
facebook is blue
your friends are the product
and so are you

Nolan Lawson’s 23 October blogpost, “What is Mastodon and why is it better than Twitter“, Read the Tea Leaves

Instagram: My life is a party.

Snapchat: My life is a quirky TV show.

Facebook: My life turned out great!

Twitter: We’re all going to die.

Mastodon: Don’t worry, while we are on a quirky, meandering path towards an inevitable apocalypse, we might as well enjoy the ride and show eachother some love in an unorthodox, yet irresistible manner, not in any way hindered by considerations of style, identity or consistency.